Lab Photos

Listeria infecting HeLa cells
Dilara’s image was a CU Up Close Image Competition finalist! Listeria infecting HeLa cells stained with phalloidin. Look at those bugs!

Neuron expressing zinc sensor
Lynn’s image was a CU Up Close Image Competition finalist! A hippocampal neuron expressing a zinc FRET sensor.

Salmonella and SteA in HeLa cells
Mike’s image was a CU Up Close Image Competition finalist! Salmonella (red) infecting HeLa cells, highlighting the SteA effector protein (green). Look at those bugs!

Palmer lab at the Rockies Game
We’re excited for some baseball! Go Rockies!

Palmer lab in downtown Denver
Hanging out in downtown Denver waiting for the Rockies game to start!

Esther and Dilara
Dilara and Esther at Dilara’s graduation! Congratulations!

Esther, Dilara, and Fabrizia
Fabrizia, Esther, and Dilara in the lab during Fabrizia’s visit to Boulder!

Palmer lab at the med
The Palmer lab (+Joe) went out to happy hour during Fabrizia’s visit!

Palmer Lab holiday party 2015
Amy explains the rules to the white elephant gift exchange at the annual lab holiday party!

Palmer lab snowshoe trip 2
Sarah, Liz, Lynn, Maria, and Esther cross-country skiing/snowshoeing at Brainard Lake.

Palmer lab snowshoe trip 1
More skiing/snowshoeing!

Palmer lab fall 2015
The Palmer lab (minus Kyle and Natalie), summer 2015.

A hawk lands near the Palmer lab
Our new “rotation student” for the summer.

Kyle at the 2014 holiday party!
Kyle opens a Crazy Cat Lady at the 2014 holiday party white elephant gift exchange (it was later stolen by Lynn).

Esther, Ali, and Lynn at the biochem retreat
Esther, Ali, and Lynn showing off the new location for our annual Biochemistry Departmental retreat!

Mateo's poster session
Esther, Sarah, and Ali at Mateo’s poster session!

Mateo, Ali, and Sarah at work!
Ali and Sarah mentor Mateo

Yan's K99 receives funding!
We celebrated Yan’s K99 with a card and cake!

Lab selfie at the bus stop!
Sarah, Esther, Lynn, Ali, Van, and Yu take a selfie while waiting for the bus!

Genevieve and Amy at Genevieve's commencement
Genevieve’s commencement!

Amy and Madi at Madi's poster session
Amy and Madi at Madi’s poster session

Lab holiday party 2013
White elephant gift exchange at the 2013 holiday party!

Kevin's commencement
Kevin is crowned king at his commencement

Jose's defense
Jose has successfully defended!

Jose's defense 2
Everyone is excited for Jose!

Sarah and Ali showing off our new lab
Sarah and Ali showing off our new lab space in JSCBB

Jamal presents his summer research
Jose, Eldon, Sarah, and our summer student Jamal at Jamal’s SMART poster presentation

New lab coats!
Genevieve, Yan, Jennette, and Sarah show off our new lab coats!

The Palmer lab pre rafting
The Palmer lab is about to go rafting in Buena Vista, CO!

Lab rafting trip
Palmer lab rafting!

lab rafting trip
More rafting!

Skiing in beautiful Colorado
Skiing in beautiful Colorado

Campus in the snow
Campus in the snow

Kevin and Lisa do NMR
Kevin and Lisa do NMR

A cake with a Zn sensor on it
Amanda made a cake with a Zn(II) sensor on it!

Schuyler's commencement
Schuyler’s commencement!